Cambridge Primary Science 4

Cambridge Primary Science 4

Cambridge Primary Science 4 (CPS4) is written by Jon Board and Alan Cross, published by Cambridge University Press and endorsed by Cambridge International Examination.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Humans and animals
1.1 Skeletons
1.2 The human skeleton
1.3 Why do we need a skeleton?
1.4 Skeletons and movement
1.5 Drugs as medicines
1.6 How medicines work
1.7 Check your progress

Unit 2 Living things and environments
2.1 Amazing birds
2.2 A habitat for snails
2.3 Animals in local habitats
2.4 Identification keys
2.5 Identifying invertebrates
2.6 How we affect the environment
2.7 Wonderful water
2.8 Recycling can save the Earth!
2.9 Check your progress
Unit 3 Solids, liquids and gases
3.1 Matter
3.2 Matter is made of particles
3.3 How do solids, liquids and gases behave?
3.4 Melting, freezing and boiling
3.5 Melting in different solids
3.6 Melting and boiling points
3.7 Check your progress

Unit 4 Sound
4.1 Sound travels through materials
4.2 Loud and soft sounds
4.3 How sounds travel
4.4 Loud and soft sounds
4.5 Sound volume
4.6 Muffling sounds
4.7 High and low sounds
4.8 Pitch on percussion instruments
4.9 Having fun with wind instruments
5.0 Check your progress
Unit 5 Electricity and magnetism
5.1 Electricity and magnetism
5.2 Components and a simple circuit
5.3 Switches
5.4 Circuits with more components
5.5 Circuits with buzzers
5.6 Mains electricity
5.7 Magnets in everyday life
5.8 Magnetic poles
5.9 Strength of magnets
5.10 Which metals are magnetic?
5.11 Check your progress

This Course is for

Y3-Y6 students who have studies CPS3 or attained CEFR A2 English Level.

CPS Teacher


I am a qualified teacher. My teaching experience started in July 2015.  I received a BA English Language and Literature from the University of Liverpool in June 2015. Then after, I took a 2-year PGCE Teach First Leadership Development and an on-the-job teacher training programme at The Grangefield Academy. Then after I taught students in schools in both the UK and Sweden, as well as tutoring students in KS2, 3 and 4.

I worked with young students in an international preschool in Copenhagen many of which did not speak much English. I really enjoyed helping these students to develop and begin to have some conversations in English. I enjoy working with students of all ages and helping them to progress with their studies and language.  Outside of the classroom, I regularly met with students for extra 1-to-1 support, including an after-school club. I also engaged with parents whenever appropriate.  

I am an incredibly passionate teacher. I strive to make sure all of my lessons and assessments are well planned and differentiated. I also make sure my lessons are engaging, with a variety of tasks, one to one support and some fun games. My aim is for students to feel they can trust me, ask me for help, as well as be inspired by my enthusiasm.

I was born in Yorkshire, England. In my spare time I like reading, traveling, playing netball and cooking.


I am Heather and I was born and raised in Birmingham, UK. I have been teaching students aged from 4 to 19 since 2015. I aspire to make lessons both enjoyable and academically effective. Each students’ learning style is unique, and I am attentive to this. Over the last four years I have been teaching a range of students with varying academic abilities and levels of motivation. I am a personable and effective tutor with a strong academic background and have extensive teaching experience. 

In 2019 I attained a First-Class Degree in Geography from the University of Cardiff, and I am currently undertaking a master’s degree in Development Economics at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Something that is key for me is keeping track of progress and making sure that new skills are embedded into long term memory. I find it productive to revisit previous topics in the first ten minutes of each session, in a revision style activity, in order to ensure that students learn cumulatively. I strive to ensure that my students feel comfortable in the lessons and are honest with me about their learning needs and how best we can achieve the given aims of the lesson together.  I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to gain the best grades they can and feel proud of their achievements upon leaving school, and it is my role to support them in this endeavour.


I am majoring in geology at Portsmouth University. In the fields of both Science, and specifically Earth Science I have spent over 5 years studying the subjects myself, giving me wide insight into the knowledge and types of thinking needed to understand the topics being taught. I have been interested in teaching since my childhood. My dream is to become an excellent teacher. I have rich working experience in primary school and junior high school. I am very keen on helping children expand their knowledge and I will try my best to make sure that every student can reach their full potential.

My teaching philosophy is to give students the tools and knowledge to use their own thinking to answer questions. This is important because I think giving students the opportunity to use their own thinking when studying science is critical to their understanding of the subject and progression in the field as a whole.

Learning Goal

Upon completion of the course, pupils would have learnt 39 topics of scientific knowledge as well as 113 scientific terms of Enlgish. Following the textbook, teachers deliver lessons to a small group of students in live lessons online, which are composed of lectures, class activities and  revisions. In addition, students would have learnt scientific knowledge, inquiry and research skills.

Learning Plan

  • 45 live lessons online are delivered across 45 weeks.
  • 1 lessons per week.
  • 60 minutes per lesson.
  • 45 live lessons online consist of 39 lecture lessons and class activities, 5 revision lessons and a final session for an assessment.
  • Students should do scientific activities in after-school hours.
  • 6 students in a class.

Tuition Fees

Course Code Course Name No. of lessons Tuition Fee
CPS4 Cambridge Primary Science 4 45  £720