Cambridge Primary Science

Based on the  “Cambridge Primary Science” learner’s books, we have developed the 6-stage Cambridge Primary Science online courses which are delivered by UK teachers online.  Students can complete all CPS courses in 2 years. On completion of the courses, not only would the students’ scientific knowledge and skills have attained to KS2 level, but also their English level will improve to CEFR B2.

Students who carry on taking CPS courses will:

  • Enjoy live and interesting online lessons delivered by UK teachers;
  • Acquire scientific knowledge and skills;
  • Develop a habit of scientific thinking;
  • Master basic scientific English terms, definitions, and inquiry skills;
  • Consolidate the foundation which helps them to succeed in science courses in junior high school or GCSE.

Learner’s books

The learner’s books and matched activity books for these 6-stage CPS courses are written by Jon Board and Alan Cross, published by Cambridge University Press and endorsed by Cambridge International Examination. The courses are suitable for Y1-Y8 students.

  • Y1-Y4 students with CEFR A1 in English may take CPS1 or CPS2.
  • Y2-Y6 students with CEFR A2 in English may take CPS3 or CPS4.
  • Y3-Y8 students with CEFR B1 in English may take CPS5 or CPS6. 

Students who are going to take the 6-stage CPS courese will attend 191 live online lessons, learn hundreds of scientific knowledge, master 591 scientific English terms, and take part in over 200 science activities in classes.

An Overview of CPS Courses

  Online Live Lessons Scientific Activities in Lessons Scientific English Terms
CPS1 27 26 100
CPS2 31 29 83
CPS3 32 32 88
CPS4 45 46 113
CPS5 46 50 97
CPS6 45 32 110
  226 215 591

Learning Goal

On completion of the 6-stage CPS courses, students would have

  • attained scientific knowledge and skills, and improved their English at the same time;
  • mastered 591 scientific terms in English;
  • been able to raise 191 scientific questions;
  • gained capability to study GCSE Science courses;
  • establish a solid foundation for studying Science course in junior high school.

Study Plan

Students are expected to complete the 6-stage CPS courses. On completion of the whole series of the courses, students’ level of English should improve greatly and at the same time they will attain scientific knowledge and skills which help them transition smoothly to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography in junior high school.

Study Plan Overview
Course Stage Online Live Lessons Class Activities Suggested Lessons per week Estimated Number of Weeks
CPS1 27 26 3-6 5-9
CPS2 31 29 3-6 6-11
CPS3 32 32 3-6 6-11
CPS4 45 46 3-6 8-15
CPS5 46 50 3-6 8-16
CPS6 45 32 3-6 8-15
  226 215 3-6 41-77
Length of a lesson
  • 40 minutes for a 5-student lesson, including 4-student or 6-student lessons;
  • 30 minutes for a 3-student lesson;
  • 25 minutes for a 2-student lesson;
  • 25 minutes for a 1-student lesson.

Performance Assessment

  • A grade is formulated in line with the student’s in-class performance and homework  performance.
  • Translate the UK 9-point score system into Grades. 
  • 8-9 points = A *; 7 points = A; 6 points = B;  5 points =C.

Teaching & Learning Platform

  • Live online lessons are delivered on the Classin Platform.
  • CPS digital classroom resources are available.
  • Students have unlimited access to the replay of the lesson recordings.
  • Learner’s books and activity books can be bought in their home countries.

Application & Registration

Here are two ways to apply and register a CPS course.

Method 1 – Apply on this website.
  1. Visit webpage “Apply & Pay”  and download the application form.
  2. Email the completed application form to: regi@hesheli-edu.
  3. Make payment online on the “Apply & Pay” webpage.
  4. Our staff will help you go through application and payment procedures.
Method 2 – Apply on HOS

Apply a course at Hesheli Online School: