Purchase Agreement

Online Course Purchase Agreement

Party A: Hesheli Education Consulting Ltd & Hesheli Online School (Hesheli-Edu/Hesheli OS)

Party B: students and their parents or legal guardians (hereinafter referred to as: customers)

On the basis of equality, voluntariness and friendly consultation, both parties reached the following agreement regarding the customer’s participation in the study of Hesheli OS course, and regulated the pedagogical practices of the two parties, so as to jointly perform.

Article 1: Acceptance of the agreement and use of the Hesheli OS

The customer must fully and strictly abide by the terms of this agreement and the business process of the Hesheli OS while using the Hesheli OS  service.
The rights and benefits of paid online courses and other services that are not explicitly authorized to customers belong to Hesheli OS.
Before the use of Hesheli OS services, customers should download and install the Classin APP through Yiou official website (https://eeo.cn), and register an account and log in to the Classin account to debug virtual classroom equipment, including cameras, microphones, and headphones. In addition, the customer should ensure that the network speed is above 20MB per second.
After reaching this agreement, Hesheli OS authorizes customers to enter the lesson archive provided by Hesheli OS. The Hesheli OS arranges courses for customers before the course starts. Customers can enter Hesheli OS to familiarize themselves with the course arrangement and teaching materials in advance.
The customer shall be responsible for keeping, using and maintaining the account and password obtained upon the completion of the registration.

Article 2: Course Content

The courses purchased by customers are live online courses, which would be implement in line with the “Course Schedule”.
Courses purchased by customers include: live online lessons, recorded lessons, course archives. The course content and teaching time are subject to the curriculum.
During the course period, customers can obtain course enquiry services through the class monitor appointed by Hesheli OS.
The duration of the course is subject to the “Course Schedule” agreement. That is from the start date to 7 days after the end date of the Course Schedule.
Seven days after the end of the course, customers will no longer be allowed to enter the Course Archives.

Article 3: Service 

The service includes live online lessons, recorded lessons, course archives, and support from the class monitors.

Article 4: Change of Course Schedule

Before the course starts, the customer should have a Course Schedule. The customer has an opportunity to make a request for a schedule change. Whether or not the change request is fulfilled depends on the result of consultation between the Hesheli OS staff and other customers in the class.

Article 5: Tuition Payment 

In order to facilitate customers to complete the registration, Hesheli OS provides customers with the following 4 payment methods.

(1) Payment through the official website of Hesheli-Edu (https://pay.hesheli-edu.com)

Support customers to pay GBP (£) online with VISA or MasterCard or AMERICAN EXPRESS or JCB credit cards. This payment method is the simplest.

(2) Payment through Hesheli OS


Support customers to pay pounds (£) online with VISA or MasterCard credit cards. This payment method is relatively simple.

(3) Register and pay RMB (¥) to Wechat ID: hesheli-edu . The payment amount refers to the exchange rate of GBP/RMB on that day.

(4) Transfer money to:

Bank: HSBC Bank London Sutton Branch
Address: 75-77 High Street, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1DU, UK
Account Number: 82071797
Sort code: 40-43-26
Swift Code: MIDLGB22
IBAN: GB67MIDL40432682071797

After completing the payment, the customer should immediately send an email to regi@hesheli-edu.com stating the student’s name, gender, age, grade, mobile phone number, course name, course code and payment voucher. Hesheli OS will help customers go through registration, placement, and course schedule.

Article 6: Refund 

Customers should fully consider whether the course is suitable for their children before paying the fee. The client should arrange for the child to watch the audition lesson video broadcast on the Hershey Education Officer’s website, and the child should arrange for the child to participate in the open class activity and/or the audition lesson activity. Avoid time and economic losses caused by dropouts and refunds.
After paying the tuition fee, the order will be cancelled 15 days before the start of the course and the refund will be 80%.
After paying the tuition fee, the order will be cancelled 7 days before the start of the course and the refund will be 60%.
After paying the tuition fee, the order will be cancelled 3 days before the start of the course. No refund will be given, but the quota can be transferred. The transferee cannot use the transferor’s account. The transferee must apply for another account and join the class under the staff’s arrangement.
Customers cannot transfer places after 5 weeks from the start of the course.
Customers should fully communicate with the teaching assistant before dropping out of school. If the communication is invalid, they can consider transferring the quota within 5 weeks after the start of the course.
Applications for refunds and/or applications for transfer of places must be emailed by the customer to the designated mailbox of the Hershey Online School: regi@hesheli-edu.com. All other applications are invalid. The refund application time is based on British time.

Article 7: Hesheli OS Service

When a customer uses the services provided by the Hesheli OS. Hesheli OS is not responsible for any personal or financial loss, damage or injury, regardless of the cause.
As the customer informs others of the personal password or shares the registered account with others, Hesheli OS shall not be held responsible for any leakage of personal data caused by it.
The services provided by the Hesheli OS are completed through the Schooin+Classin platform. Beijing Yiou Education Technology Co., Ltd. is the owner of Schooin+Classin. Due to any loss caused by the interruption or termination of the service caused by Yiou Education, Hesheli OS does not need to bear any responsibility for customers or any third parties. When faced with such difficulties, the Hesheli OS will look for other alternative measures to resume the continued provision of the course.
For paid online courses purchased by customers, customers can only watch them privately and not for commercial or profitable purposes. The client shall not record, record, broadcast live the lecture content or organize multiple people to watch it at the same time, and shall not copy, sell, rent or authorize the online course content to any third party. If Hesheli OS finds that the customer has the above behavior, the Hesheli OS has the right to stop the customer’s learning of this course and has the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the relevant personnel.
Customers may not obtain paid online courses through non-Hershey online schools, or delete any ownership statements or labels on paid online courses or delete any rights statements or labels on paid online courses, causing losses to Hesheli OS. Hesheli OS has the right to recover.
Customers should respect the legitimate rights and interests of others when participating in online courses. If a customer infringes the rights of others, disrupts the normal online classroom order or makes inappropriate remarks while participating in an online course, Hesheli OS has the right to terminate the customer’s course and the customer’s right to enter the Hesheli OS platform. Refundable.

Article 8: Force Majeure

The term “Force Majeure” referred to in this Agreement refers to the objective conditions that cannot be foreseen, unavoidable and insurmountable, such as the Hershey Internet School Platform that cannot be operated normally due to major natural disasters, plagues, wars and riots.
If any party is unable to perform this agreement due to force majeure events, it can be exempted from liability within the scope of the event, but that party should immediately notify the other party and provide effective certification issued by the relevant department within 15 days from the date of the force majeure event.
In principle, the Hesheli OS should make efforts to arrange other alternative measures to mitigate the loss of suspension due to “force majeure”.

Article 9: Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The validity, performance, interpretation and disputes of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the UK.
All disputes related to this agreement shall be resolved through consultation between the two parties; if the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the local court.

Article 10: Intellectual Property

Without the written consent of Hesheli OS, the client shall not sell the internal learning materials of Hesheli OS, record the classroom video recordings, and shall not provide or disclose the electronic teaching materials or teaching methods of Hesheli OS to third parties. For all kinds of materials such as text, pictures, audio-visual materials or electronic files provided by Hesheli OS, customers are limited to use for the purpose of fulfilling this agreement. After the completion of this agreement, the customer shall not use the above materials for any other occasions and purposes. If the customer violates the provisions of this article, Hesheli OS has the right to request the customer to stop the infringement immediately, and has the right to request the customer to compensate the Hesheli OS for all losses arising therefrom. Regardless of whether this agreement is changed, cancelled or terminated, these terms have legal effect.
Both parties undertake to have a confidentiality obligation for the contents of this agreement and will not disclose it to third parties. Both parties guarantee that any personal secrets, company secrets and business secrets of the other party known during the implementation of the agreement shall bear the obligation of confidentiality. Regardless of whether this agreement is changed, cancelled or terminated, these terms have legal effect.

Article 11: Personal Privacy Protection

Hesheli OS does not disclose personal privacy information of customers to any third party. The customer has the right to prevent Hesheli OS from disclosing personal privacy and to take other necessary legal measures.
In order to allow customers to enjoy recording and broadcasting courses, and to monitor the quality of teaching, Hesheli OS will record every online course. The playback of recording and broadcasting classes is not a violation of personal privacy. The customer gives understanding and consent.
From time to time, Hesheli OS will use the recorded video to conduct publicity activities. If the customer does not want his image to be disclosed, he can make this request to Hesheli OS. Hesheli OS will give a positive response. If the customer does not make this request, Hesheli OS will consider that the customer allows Hesheli OS to use its own image for promotional activities.

Article 12: Protection of Children

Hesheli-Edu / Hesheli OS The company’s “Saefguarding Child Policy” is formulated in strict accordance with the UK Child Protection Act. When recruiting and training teachers, teaching assistants and employees, Hesheli OS strictly implements and supervises in accordance with the Child Protection Policy to ensure that customers will not be harmed in or outside the classroom.

Article 13: Anti-bribery

If the customer or its guardian provides any gratuity, gift or other tangible or intangible benefits to the personnel of Hesheli OS (teacher, teaching assistant, employee) and/or their family members, it shall be regarded as commercial bribery. Once discovered, Hesheli OS has the right to unilaterally terminate this “Purchase Online Course Agreement” or take other necessary legal measures.
The customer or anyone else introduces the customer to the Hesheli OS, and Hesheli OS pays the introduction fee to the customer, which is not a bribe.

Article 14: Complaint Procedure

If the customer is not satisfied with the services provided by Hesheli OS, they can file a complaint. The complaint mailbox is: complain@hesheli-edu.com. Hesheli OS will respond to customer complaints within 24 hours.
If customers want to give comments or/and suggestions on the services provided by Hesheli OS, they can send an email to: review@hesheli-edu.com.

Article 15: Informed Consent

Before customers decide to purchase online courses, please carefully read the terms of this Online Course Purchase Agreement. Whenever the customer has made the payment, the customer fully accepts all the terms contained in this agreement.