Teaching Online

Hi There,

If you are interested in teaching students with Science Made Easy (SME), Cambridge Primary Science (CPS) and New Concept English (NCE) Writing Skills online, please read on.

You are expected to

  • be available to deliver at least 2 lessons per week;
  • teach students on 1:1 basis or teach a small class of 2-6 on ClassIn app;
  • be skilful when using the digital classrooms.
  • be creative to add something new on top of what we have prepared for you.

Lesson Description

Please read through SME series, CPS series and NCE series on this website.

Lesson Time (BST)

  • 8:00-14:00 during holidays;
  • 11:00-14:00 during academic semesters (not UK academic terms).

Students Description

  • Students of  4-12 years old in East Asia;
  • English is students’ second language;
  • Same age group in a 1 to 1 class or a small class (the number of students is less than 6).

Work Conditions

  • Lessons are delivered on a purpose-built online education platform (i.e. Classin) which is advanced, professional and user-friendly;
  • A class monitor may be present in the first lesson in order to help you start a class;
  • A class monitor will support you and students in the virtual classroom and out-of-lesson hours;
  • Your broadband should be greater than 20MB per second;
  • Be aware that the time difference is present;
  • Be aware that the language difference is present;
  • Be aware that the culture difference is present.

What does the partnership look like?

  • An MOU will be agreed upon to secure the terms and conditions;
  • Your photo and self-description will be published on our websites;
  • Download and install Classin app on your PC;
  • Schedule lessons in line with your availability around the year;
  • You get payments weekly or monthly. The hourly rate will be stated in the MOU. The exact hourly rate depends on the exact type of courses.

How to apply

Send your supporting statement (cover letter) along with your self-description and passport-like photo to heqiang@hesheli-edu.com. We shall get back to you in 24 hours.